Saturday, January 31, 2009

Buy Organic Pasture Raised Meat

I can’t talk about cutting out meat 5 days a week and not talk about the other two days. The days that I do opt for the bacon on my salad, a burger, steak or chicken. I try and only eat meat that comes from organically farm raised animals that are grass fed and not given hormones. Animals that are raised on pastures with room to move and have access to fresh air. I find it interesting that this seems to be trendy or some new concept. And that wanting my meat to have these qualities can label me a foodie, a snob, or a typical Californian. When in fact up until about 50 years ago this was how our farm animals lived. This was the kind of meat that everyone ate.

Okay, so this meat can be significantly more expensive but the financial justification is that buying about 70% less meat means I can afford to spend more. I’m still coming out ahead. And so is the planet, so are the animals and so is the local economy and small family owned farms .

So next time you buy meat, make sure it’s organic, free range and hormone free. Look for stores in your area that sell meat from smaller local family farms. Choose restaurants that serve local, grass fed or organic meat. It is a simple matter of supply and demand, if people are asking for it and buying, they’ll sell it.

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